About Me


At a very young age I was very interested in the food scene.  Growing up around my grandmother's kitchen, I remember being fascinated with how she made food with traditional ingredients and baking goods with vegetables and fruits from her own garden. Over time, my love for food evolved and I ended up moving to the United States to pursue my dream.   I enrolled at St. Phillip’s College in San Antonio Texas and obtained my Culinary Arts Degree.  From there I started managing operations at River Tree Bistro, creating a great variety of foods, managing employees and ensuring the establishment operates efficiently.

My next venture was Pastry Chef at the Hyatt company.  It was a fantastic experience for me professionally where I learned many different techniques around chocolate and modern cakes.  In my free time, I operated a wedding cake business to further develop my skills. 

In 2016 I officially joined the Omni Family as a Sous Chef.  With this position I was in charge of creating the Menu for Bolo’s restaurant while supervising all components of business.  I ensured safety regulations and procedures were carried out daily and was eventually promoted to banquets, making food for up to 1000 people.  I learned how to keep food cost down while maintain food quality standards. 

In 2019 I transferred to Omni La Mansion Del Rio with an opportunity to enhance their banquet kitchen while managing Sunday brunch operations. 


Since then I’ve created my own YouTube channel named Cooking With Art where I share personal recipes and cooking techniques with my subscribers.  I’m currently teaching viewers who have diabetes or are on a special diet how to create healthy and innovative dishes. 

I’ve also started my catering business The Chef’s Table, a scratch kitchen offering the best quality dishes while taking food presentation to the next level. 

Executive Chef at Canopy By Hilton at the Riverwalk, 2020 to present.

As stated in Mexican culture para atras ni para coger impulso which translates to never go back even to gain momentum.  This is my passion and I will never stop learning and moving forward to my next chapter.


  -  Jose Arturo Trevino